Why Tik Tok banned mr_fasu_07


Recently video was posted by mr_fasu_07 account which was the official account of FAISAL SHAIKH or says Fasu. He had over 24 million followers on the Tik Tok account. Because of that video, Tik Tok banned his account. If you want to konw about the reason behind this event then you are on the right spot. Here we go…

Sometime back there was a man whose name was Tabrez Ansari. He was going to some place with his two companions and they were crossing a village and they were caught for stealing. Anyhow, Tabrez’s two companions refused themselves yet the people of the town got Tabrez ansari. They approached tabrez name and beaten severely for a long time and in the first part of the day, people of the village gave Tabrez Ansari to Police. After that police sent Tabrez to the medical clinic where the specialist pronounced dead to Tabrez’s Ansari.


After this occurrence, Tik Tok star mr_fasu_07 made a video on this point. Not just mr_fasu_07 made a video rather team 07 uploaded the video. I can’t demonstrate that video, yet I can let you know precisely what he said

Maar toh diya Masoom Tabtrez Ansari ko lakin baad main uska olaad bade hokar uska badla lega toh phir ye na kehana ki har muslim aatankbaadi hota hai.

After this announcement parcel of loathing gone to that video and after reporting to that video by the numerous individuals video was erased. mr_fasu_07 posted a post in that he apologize for what he did. Here is that post which was posted on Instagram by mr_fasu_07

instagram post

This issue did not stop here rather, it turned out to be more critical when a man who F.I.R to team 07. This case turned into a religion base. Some days back there was a music video wherein mr_fasu_07 worked and that song name was “Tere Bin Kive”. The complete spending plan of this music video was 4 crore. This music video was shooted in Dubai. This music was uploaded on the youtube under the label “Zee Music Co.”. Very soon this video was taken down from the youtube after this incident.

So this is the entire story behind this. I hope that now you have full details with respect to this issue.

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