Tik Tok is as of now one of the most used application in India. More than 500 million people groups are enlisted on TikTok. The prominence of TikTok is, and its furore is spreading like a flame over Indian young people. There are in excess of 25 million dynamic clients of TikTok in India likewise there are a ton of India makers on Tik Tok who has a huge number of fan following on TikTok. So in this extensive article, we will list the Top 10 Indian Tik Tok Stars, we are certain that you would love it to find out about them.

Let's take a look on the data of Tik Tok

  • TikTok is available in 150 markets, in 75 languages
  • 500 million TikTok monthly active users globally, as of July 2019
  • TikTok users spend an average 52 minutes per day on the app

1. Faisal Sheikh – 26 Million Tik Tok Followers (Currently account is banned)

Faisal Shaikh or say Mr. Faisu is a viral India TikTok big name his adherents on TikTok are increasing day by day, At the season of composing this article, he has 26 million followers and soon inside some days his supporter’s number is going to touch the achievement of 30 million. His video clips are viral among youth and furthermore among children. He isn’t just acclaimed on TikTok yet additionally on other web-based channels like Instagram too. His Instagram username is @mr_faisu_07, and on his Instagram account, he has more than 6.4 million soon he is going to touch the achievement of 7 million devotees on Instagram.

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2. Jannat Zubair – 19.2 Million Tik Tok Followerse

Jannat Zubair Rahmani you may definitely know about her on the grounds that before being a Tik Tok star she worked in as a child artist in a lot of TV serials like “Phulwa“(2019), “Dill Mill Gayye “(2010) and movies like “Aagaah – The Warning” (2011), and so on. She played the role of Natasha in the film ‘Hichki‘. Jannat was additionally awarded as Best Youngest Actress in Mumbai Achiever Awards.

She was very renowned since she was exceptionally youthful. Jannat’s ubiquity kicked expanded when she off making TikTok videos and after her videos clip gone viral. She has embraced a ton of excellence items and applications. Starting at now, she has an enormous fan following over the trending application “TikTok” and furthermore on “Instagram” as well. Her Instagram username is @jannatzubair29, and on his Instagram account, she has more than 8.4 million soon he is going to touch the accomplishment of 9 million fans on Instagram.

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3. Riyaz Afreen – 18.5 Million TikTok Followers

Riyaz Afreen or say Riyaz Aly is the most youthful and fastest growing Indian Tik Tok star. He as of now has 18.5 million followers on his Tik Tok account and you may be shocked to realize that he is only 16 years of age isn’t it sounds astonishing. He lives in Jaigun, Bhutan, shockingly he is Indian by his nationality. He has over 3.8 million followers on his Instagram account (@riyaz.14). He is the Indian muser who achieved 10 million followers on TikTok. He has an enormous fan base over various media channels and furthermore, a great deal of Riyaz’s fans goes ahead of his every photoshoot in various urban communities, which is dealt with by Celebrity Face.


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4. Awez Darbar – 15.5 Million TikTok Followers

Awez Darbar is a very talented Indian Tik Tok star, other than being a TikTok big name he is likewise a Professional Dancer and Choreographer. He has 2 million followers on Instagram as well. Up to now, Awez had earned many Tik Tok badges. He has a youtube channel self-titled “Awez Darbar” where he uploads dancing videos. He has endorsed several brands which you can easily find on his Instagram account.He has more than 900k supporters on his YouTube channel. He lives in Mumbai, India. His mom name is Farzana Darbar and sister name is Anam Darbar.

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5. Garima Chaurasia (Gima Ashi) – 14.4 Million Tik Tok Followers

Garima Chaurasia additionally is known as Gima Ashi, I think you may definitely know about her since she became a web sensation on account of her “Boht Hard Song Dance Video” and that video turned into a web sensation in general web-based life channels. Which put her on the map medium-term and which supported her followers’ numbers on TikTok and Instagram. She has over 14.4 million followers on his Tik Tok account. And furthermore she has more than 1.4 million followers on her Instagram account. She makes the vast majority of her TikTok videos with her companion named “Rugees Vini


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6. Hasnain Khan – 14.2 Million TikTok Followers (Currently account is banned)

Hasnain Khan is a famous Tik Tok star. He is best known for his demeanor, which is continually energizing and astounding. His appearance in his video makes him not quite the same as different musers, and that is the reason he has more than 14.2 million followers. He is 23 years of age. He lives in Mumbai, India. He has more than 14 million adherents on his TikTok account. Likewise, he has more than 4 million followers on his Instagram account. He is best known for his appearance in his video. He is a member of Team 07.


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7. Avneet Kaur – 13.9 Million Tik Tok Followers

Avneet Kaur is a prominent TikTok personality with over 13.9 million followers on her Tik Tok account other than being a fashion influencer; she is additionally an Actress, Dancer, Singer, and Writer. She has over 5.4 million followers on Instagram. She was one of Top 3 finalists of Dance India Dance Little Masters 2010 (Dancing Reality Show). She has appeared in various dancing reality show like Jhalak Dikhla Jaa and Dance Ke Superstars and so on.

She has likewise performed in different TV Series and furthermore In 2014, she demonstrated her aptitudes of acting in Bollywood by the presentation in Bollywood film “Mardaani” featuring Rani Mukherjee. She depicted Princess Charumati‘s job in Chandra Nandini (a TV arrangement) in 2017. She is currently playing the role of Princess Yasmine’s role in TV series called AladdinNaam Toh Suna Hoga. She additionally has a youtube channel self-titled “Avneet Kaur” where she uploads videos related to cosmetics and so on. She cherishes perusing books, traveling, and photography.

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8. Manjul Khattar – 12.1 Million TikTok Followers

Manjul Khattar is a famous Indian TikTok star, with over 12 million followers on his TikTok account. He is likewise very prestigious over Instagram, and YouTube as well. On his Instagram account there are 2.4 million followers. He started his Internet career in 2016 through Instagram by presenting selfies and his recordings. Before long he began uploading video clips over YouTube and turned out to be altogether between young ladies. Later he was presented and there he began uploading the video. His first video on Musically was a lip-synchronize of execution on the monologue of Ranbir Kapoor from the “Rockstar” motion picture. He earned a decent number of adherents in his Initial long stretches of Musically. He has additionally performed at a Musically occasion in “The Westin Mumbai Garden City.”

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9. Luckydancer - 10.8 Million Tik Tok Followers

Luckydancer is also a one of the most famous personality on the Tik Tok and on Instagram. He is a dancer and you many shock to know that his age is just 16 could you believe this. That is why, there is saying “Age not matters to acheive any things”. That what Lukydancer and Riyaz did. Luckydancer has about 2 million followers on Instagram.


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10. Adnaan Shaikh – 10.7 Million TikTok Followers

Adnan Shaikh a renowned Indian TikTok big name, Dancer, Rider, and a Chef. He has over 9.5 million followers on his TikTok account. He is well known on Instagram, and he has over 4 million followers on Instagram. He is best known on Instagram for his dressing sense, style abilities, and wellness photographs.


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Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls whatever data you have read now or which you gonna read now is researched data from interview and by numerous other sources.

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